Listen. Live. Repeat.

Listen. Live. Repeat.

How the Listen Live Repeat Site Works

Welcome to the next step in your journey! We hope that this website serves as a valuable resource for you to learn more about pursuing your unique calling, connect with others around the world who are on the same path, and share your own experience!  Scroll down to learn about each section of the site.  Remember to LISTEN, LIVE, and REPEAT.

News Wire

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This page is a great place to go to learn about two things: current events and opportunities around the world, and the latest happenings with House of Soul and the At the Table crew.  Find out about others all over the world who are living out their calling to their community, get ideas for your own situation, and get involved!  Feel free to make comments or ask questions- just click on "comment".


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Share your story!  This is where you go to connect with other students who are on the same path.  For now, share your thoughts in the "comments" section for each post.  Coming soon:  the ability to post your own story, your own question, your own ideas.


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Stay connected with the band behind the production: Dave LeMieux and House of Soul.  Here you can meet the musicians, download music, and contact us.


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As the title suggest, here is where you go to get deeper- enjoy some great poems from Ayinde Russell, some thought-provoking quotes, audio, and stories of listening and living out the Call.

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